Everything You Need to Know About a Pre-poo Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About a Pre-poo Treatment


You have likely heard of the term 'Pre-poo,' and you may think this is just a gimmick for hair companies to sell yet another new product. However, I can firmly confirm that it's a crucial step that needs to be introduced into your hair care routine if you don't already do so. Pre-poo is a treatment you don't necessarily need to use every wash day. Still, it's nice to incorporate it into your routine on some wash days before a regular shampoo and especially crucial when using a clarifying shampoo such as our Wash and Scrub Detox.


What Is A Pre-poo Treatment and Why Is It Needed?

The clue is in the name; it's a treatment applied to the hair before the shampoo. A pre-poo comes in the form of a mask, oil, or scrub used to moisturise, nourish, or clarify. Using a pre-poo treatment can assist with detoxing the scalp and detangling and can also prime the hair to protect it from being stripped of its natural oils throughout the shampooing process.


What Is A Primer?

Primer is usually associated with makeup used in preparation before applying another product. It is the same when using a hair primer. It sits on the hair and prepares the hair for the following product. Priming the hair coats the strands with nourishing ingredients leaving the hair moisturised and protected throughout your hair care routine.


Why Do I Need Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer?

Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer is an amazing product with several benefits; it targets your hair's scalp and mid-lengths and ends. The treatment helps strengthen and protect the hair's protective barrier (the Microbiome) and treats those with a dry, itchy, and flakey scalp. The lightweight emulsion texture easily coats the hair strands providing a great slip for detangling and preventing unnecessary breakage. In addition, it protects the hair from losing all its natural oils during the cleansing process.


Can I Use The Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer If I Don't Have Any Scalp Issues?

The primer is a part of the scalp recipe range belonging to an intense 3 step detox deep clarifying system. However, if you have no scalp issues, using the Super Slip Biotic Primer outside the system is fine. It will contribute towards working on the general health of your scalp, plus protecting and priming your lengths and ends during the cleanses process.

By now, you know the benefits of adding a pre-poo to your hair care routine, and although it's clear that you apply this product before your shampoo, you may be wondering exactly how to use this treatment.


How to Use

Wet your hair, apply it to the scalp before your shampoo, and gently massage. While the soothing formula treats the scalp and strengthens the protective layer, work the product down the hair lengths, finger detangling until you get rid of all the knots. Do not rinse out. Follow immediately with any of our shampoos, such as the Vivid Tones Shampoo, Core Strength Shampoo, Shine Shampoo, or Wash and Scrub Detox. The primer protects and nourishes your scalp and hair, while the shampoo cleans the dirt and product build-up.


Can You Pre-poo Overnight?

You can pre-poo overnight, and there is lots of information online about how and why to do this—however, our Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer should not stay in the hair overnight. The hair must be wet before applying the treatment, and we do not advise that you sleep with wet hair. Don’t worry; this does not mean that your hair doesn't receive the maximum benefits from this product.


What Are The Key Ingredients?

The Super Slip Primer contains nutritive compounds that supports the skin's protective barrier, the Microbiome. Fermented Rice Water that has been used for centuries in Asia as a hair treatment to keep the hair healthy, detangled, and clean. Lastly, a unique energising blend of ginger, nettle, dragon fruit, and guarana.


Does A Pre-poo Help With Styling?

Ultimately, yes, a pre-poo does help with styling as it assists with detangling from the beginning and protecting the hair during the shampooing process, stopping it from losing all of its natural oils allows easier, less fluffy curls when styling.



Pre-poos are great for all hair types; our Super Slip Pre- Wash Primer is suitable for all, even those with straight hair. However, if you have damaged hair, our Bond Curl Rehab Salve should also be included in your hair care routine as this offers a unique triple action active that targets and fortifies the hair bonds to strengthen from the inside out.

We have everything you need to know about Pre-poo treatments and why you need to add our Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer to your Curlsmith collection. Ultimately, you do not need to pre-poo every wash day; however, adding it to your routine is advised. Say goodbye to frizzy curls and hello to healthy, nourished, moisturised, juicy curls on day one. If you are unsure which of our cleansers to pair with the treatment, head to the Curl Quiz to receive your personalised hair care routine today!

Sharley Butcher
Sharley Butcher