Hair Treatments

Curly hair has particular needs and demands care. Treatments aren't a mandatory step every single wash day, but they're a great addition to customize your routine based on your unique hair needs, target hair concerns and achieve your hair goals.
9 products
9 products
Bonding Oil

Lightweight finishing oil

Bonding Oil (Full 60ml)

Full 237ml

Hair bond repair treatment

Bond Curl Rehab Salve (Full 237ml)

Mini 59ml

Hair bond repair treatment

Bond Curl Rehab Salve (Mini 59ml)


Detangling pre-wash

Super Slip Pre-Biotic Primer


Rich hair butter

Intense Treatment Serum



Caring for your waves, curls and coils shouldn't take a phD!

Our in-house experts have created this super-quick and informative quiz to help you decode your hair needs and choose the specific products you need to achieve your hair goals.

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Morning scalp serum

Scalp Stimulating Booster

30-day supply
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