How to Boost Volume on Flat Hair

How to Boost Volume on Flat Hair

Do you struggle to boost volume and avoid flatness in your curly hair? One of the biggest complaints of new curlies, especially those with finer or lower density locks, is lack of volume or strands that seem to deflate throughout the day. 

Voluminous locks with big, plump waves, curls and coils seem to be coveted throughout the curly world. Whilst hair type does factor into how much volume we are able to individually achieve, a fuller look is possible for everyone. The right product combination, however, is key to achieve this. Let us walk you through our five-step routine for how to add volume to flat hair now! 



  • 5 Steps to Boost the Volume of Flat Hair 
  • Top Styling Tips to Volumize Flat Hair 
  • 6 Tips to Avoid Flat Hair 


5 Steps to Boost the Volume of Flat Hair

 There are several ways to boost the volume of flat hair but there are a few key steps that really make all the difference, including clarifying regularly, choosing lightweight products, incorporating volumizing products, diffusing over air drying and finishing your style with a hairspray. Volumising hair products can also be extremely beneficial so read on for our top 5 steps to boost volume and a summary of the best products for volume


  1. Use clarifying shampoo regularly 

Product, sebum or dirt accumulating on the scalp and hair strands, known as “build up”, is one of the biggest causes of weighed down, flat hair. Using a clarifying shampoo helps remove build up from the scalp and hair strands, meaning maximum volume can be achieved!  


The Curlsmith Detox Kit is the perfect answer to built-up, flat hair, ensuring cleaner, bouncy hair in just 3 steps:  

  1. Prime with the Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer to detangle and help prevent your curl’s natural oils from being stripped away. 
  1. Cleanse with the Wash & Scrub Detox Shampoo to help remove dirt and build-up. This shampoo contains an exfoliating scrub to leave your scalp happy and healthy feeling. 
  1. Condition with the Post-Wash Calming Conditioner to rebalance the hair’s pH levels and soothe the scalp. 


  1. Focus on lightweight products

Oily, heavy products will immediately create a flatter, less voluminous look. Focus instead on a lightweight moisturising product followed by a flexible hold curly hair gel to define the hair without compromising on volume! 


Starting your routine with the brand-new Roost Boost Uplighting Spray is a great way to boost your volume by up to 203%. This super light, alcohol free mist will rift your roots, giving you a fuller look and less overall flatness. This spray with a plant-based stem cell complex, alongside calendula flower and ivy leaf helps to nourish and boosts your roots. 


Our Full Body Volumizing Lotion perfectly combines lightweight definition and moisture with volumizing ingredients. With a plant-based stem cell extract.and a blend of innovative ingredients like rosemary, watercress and scots pine bud, alongside light hold ingredients, this lotion should be applied throughout your strands to easily achieve a fuller look and plumper curls, helping to reduce the appearance of flat hair.  

Follow up the Full Body Volumizing Lotion with the Hydro Style Flexi Jelly for a flexible but weightless hold. This jelly utilises hyaluronic acid and flexible hold stylers to perfectly moisturize curls, whilst providing a bouncy, weightless style that lasts. Focus your gel on the lengths of your hair, rather than the roots, to promote definition and longevity, without the weight which may lead to flat hair. 

  1. Incorporate a volumizing foam or mousse 

Specifically designed to add volume to flat hair, foams or mousses are great to add texture and oomph. The Bouncy Strength Volume Foam is a perfect example of this. With a combination of texturizing styler, hemp seed oil and rice protein, this foam can be used in conjunction with your gel, or even in place of it, to add structure and body to the flattest of locks. 


Alternatively our Invincible Volume Mousse is a great alternative for those after a little more hold. This unique gel-to-mousse product offers a level 6 hold whilst also volumizing the hair through its lightweight formulation. With a blend of plant-based stem cell complex, ivy leaf and linseed in this product helps provide amazing definition, whilst banishing any flatness from your curls. .... 

When applying your foam, focus your application on your root area, lifting them up and away from your scalp. This is a sure-fire way to add volume to flat hair, whilst still adding texture and hold to the area. 


  1. Diffuse over air drying 


Water is heavy and can really drag the hair down causing flat roots, limp strands and elongated spirals. Air drying allows water to sit in the hair for longer periods of time, meaning these effects are exacerbated. In order to boost volume on flat hair, diffusing your hair is the best technique.   


Using the Defrizzion Dryer and XXL Diffuser can minimise the effects of water weight, allowing you to add volume to flat hair, leaving you with a fuller look when dry.  

  • Avoid distorting your curl shape by hovering your diffuser around your head until your cast has started to form. 
  • Once your cast has formed, cup sections of your curls in the diffuser head, moving the diffuser upwards toward your scalp, to really get the volume party started! 


  1. Use hairspray to lock in the volume

Once dry, finish off your style with a spritz of hairspray for curly hair. Dangle your head upside down and dispense the hairspray directly into the root area, shaking as you go. If you find your hair generally falls very flat by the end of the day, try the Flawless Finish Strong Hold Hairspray for this. If you are just looking for a little extra volume, the Flawless Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray may be more up your street.  

Once you have applied your hairspray, give your hair a short blast with the Defrizzion Diffuser to avoid any crunchiness or hardness. Scrunch your hair as you dry to break any cast that has formed


Top Styling Tips to Volumise Flat Hair 

Once you have your volumising product selection sorted, there are a few other techniques you can employ to boost your flat hair’s volume. To encourage big hair: 

  • Use less product: The more product you pile on, the more you are likely to weigh your hair down and create a flatter look. Using less of each product will help create a more voluminous effect on flat hair.
  • Style upside down: Tipping your head forward and allowing your hair to hang away from your scalp as you style can create a fuller effect.
  • Root clipping: Placing small butterfly clips or pins around your root area as you dry your hair can create additional root lift and volume!
  • Separate your curls: Big curls can look luscious and plump, but for some hair types, this can create flatness. Try separating your curls gently to create smaller curls and more volume. Use our Shine Oil to avoid creating frizz with this technique.
  • Picking the hair: Picking the hair with a hair pick or comb such as our Bamboo Pick can release the roots and prevent flatness. You can also try simply fluffing the hair with your fingertips. 


  • Consider layers: A layered haircut can help create more body and volume by distributing the hair’s volume more evenly around the head. A shorter hairstyle can also help with this. 


  • Embracing a little frizz: Frizz is volume so whilst we want our hair to look beautifully defined, a little frizz isn’t the enemy! 


6 Tips to Avoid Flat Hair 

If you are looking to minimize flat hair and maximize body and volume, try to stay away from: 

  • Heavy products with lots of oils, butters and silicones
  • Co-washing and using milder shampoos without clarifying every 4-5 washes
  • Overusing too many conditioning and moisturizing products
  • Layering too many styling products
  • Using styling or application techniques that pull downwards or create flatter roots
  • Keeping your curls wet for too long (especially overnight!) 


Choose the Right Products with Curlsmith 

The right product choices and techniques can make a huge difference in creating less flatness and more body in our hair. They can also help maintain that volume throughout the day, stopping the hair from falling flat as a pancake.  

If you are struggling to avoid flatness in your curly hair, the experts here at Curlsmith are here to help. With our wide range of cruelty freevegan products, formulated to tackle a whole host of curly woes, there really is something for everyone in our curly hair products. If you are struggling to decide which products are best for you to get the most volume out of your hair, why not take our curl quiz to point you in the right direction!


Sharley Viola
Curlsmith’s Lead Educator

Textured Hair Specialist with a vast amount of experience delivering education both nationally and internationally. A self-confessed product junkie committed to spreading her wealth of knowledge amongst the curly hair community and beyond.

Sharley Viola
Curlsmith’s Lead Educator

Textured Hair Specialist with a vast amount of experience delivering education both nationally and internationally. A self-confessed product junkie committed to spreading her wealth of knowledge amongst the curly hair community and beyond.